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“Going with the Pitch’ is a must read for athletes who want to get a mental edge. Ken, during his college career, figured out the same mental skills we teach at Personal Best Mental Toughness Training and applied them to actual, on-the-field situations, which ultimately led to his success and enjoyment. A thoroughly enjoyable and informational read!”

-Pete Moscariello Co-Owner, Personal Best Mental Toughness Training


“Do you want to know what it’s like to be a Division I baseball player? Ken Jacobi lived it. If you want to find out what it’s like to scrap for hits and live the dream of (college baseball) , ‘Going with the Pitch,’ puts you on the field from the first day of fall ball to the last out of the season.”

-JJ Cooper, Managing Editor, Baseball America


“Ken Jacobi has captured the essence of what it is to be a college baseball player. He journals his four years at Binghamton and tells the story of wins, losses, workouts, classes, roommates and parties – all the things a college ballplayer deals with. It brought back memories of my own time as a college player. Well done!”

-Dr. Mike Gustafson, Executive Director, National College Baseball Hall of Fame


“If you are connected to college baseball in any way, ‘Going with the Pitch’ is a must read.Having been around amateur baseball for over forty years I can honestly say that Ken captures the spirit of the collegiate game like no other book written. I would recommend this to any player or his parent who wants to know more about the ins and outs of college baseball.”

-Jerry Ford President/Owner, Perfect Game USA, the largest amateur baseball scouting service in the world


“Going with the Pitch’ tells the true story of what college sports is like as told from an “insider.” If you are an aspiring student-athlete this book was made for you. I highly recommend parents, players, and coaches alike read this book. Your perspective afterwards won’t be the same.”

-Dominick J. Ferraro, CEO, THR College Planning, LLC. 12 years experience college recruiting and placement process

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