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Going with the Pitch: Adjusting to Baseball, School and Life as a Division I College Athlete

About This Book

When I signed my National Letter of Intent to attend Binghamton University I officially become a Division I scholarship athlete. As my pen slid across the paper, I thought that the most difficult part of the journey was over. Little did I know that arriving on campus as a vulnerable freshman, playing baseball in the snow belt, and having the coach who recruited me leave before my first semester ever began were just a few of the obstacles I would face on my personal “Road to Omaha.”

This journey, a four part chronicle beginning with my freshman year and culminating with senior year, offers an insider’s view into the life of a college baseball player, and my insight into the game of baseball. As I share my experiences on the baseball diamond, in the classroom, and up in the dorm room, the entire college baseball experience comes to life. To be able to live, sleep and play baseball with my best friends for four amazing years is an adventure that I will forever cherish. From late night study sessions, to eight hour bus rides, to game winning hits, this is my story of learning how to adjust in the face of adversity by “Going with the Pitch.”