The famous “96%” Rule

Me and some of the other guys on the team used to joke during the “bad times” about the “96% rule”. Quite simply it stated that 96% of the time our lives sucked. We were either running, or studying, or picking up baseballs in the cage or striking out for the 3rd time in a game… but that when the good times rolled, which we joked was the remaining 4%, we proclaimed that it was all worth it. Every time a pitcher got a big strike out or a hitter hit that walk off homerun it was the 4% we so coveted.  If we ever had a fun partying night and met the “girl of our dreams”, clearly that fell into the 4% zone, while the next morning was back to the 96%.

Now we all knew that in reality it was more like the 50% rule (at worst) and that life as a college athlete was great but joking about the “low” times made it easier to get through them.

I am sure everyone has great memories from college, but when things well.. sucked, I would love to hear how you coped with it and dealt with the the 96%???

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